About Ogival

At the Basel Art Fair in 1949, Ogival had won the amazing success and had become the cover story of the worldwide famous watch magazine “Europa Star”. This is the full recognition to the Ogival founder, Mr. Rene Brandt for his achievement achieved in the past nearly half century.
In 1958, during a underground cave exploration at the Pyrenees in the Garonne province in France, 35 biospeleologists were all wearing Ogival Chronometers Spitfire watch for cave exploration. Due to the stability and precision of Ogival watch, these explorers had successfully completed their exploration mission. As a result of this, the highly wear-resistant gold plating and waterproof technologies of Ogival watch had therefore won the excellent reputation.
In 1966, after the rigorous tests of the Swiss Geneva watch organization, the honorable certificates of "multi-function watch" and "Chronometer " were awarded to Ogival. In Switzerland, only the watch passing through the strict tests tested by the Geneva Neuchatel Observatory and the Swiss watch organization can be awarded this so-called "a watch certificate with a fair rating" certificate. To Ogival, this is a great honor and full recognition.
In the 1970s, it can be said that it’s the new revolution era in the watch & clock industry field. Due to the prevalence of quartz watch, many mechanical watch manufacturing factories were forced to be closed and disappeared. Meanwhile, Ogival convinced that the traditional watchmaking industry will become prosperous again and retained all of the mechanical watch production equipment of that time. Also, all of the experienced Ogival watch making masters at the town of La Chaux-de-Fonds insisted in only assembling the most accurate watches which had passed the rigorous tests and inspection during each manufacturing process.


Self-luminous miniature tritium light (3H) is a new source of light made by Swiss innovative laser technology. It can provide long-term super bright light. Its light intensity is 100 times brighter than the brightness of the luminous coating in the general watch and emitting light with service time up to 25 years life span.
Ogival takes the challenge of manufacturing crafts of ultra-thin watch, inheriting the cultural artistic connotation of ancient Greek sculptor, giving great importance to the elegant beauty of the body lines, the harmony concord, stability and eternity of the internal parts. And thus, it enriches the vitality of mankind in the world.